Project Complete

Client Name: Tourism Pakistan Service
Architect Name: Nayar Ali Dada
Project Name: Serena Hotel Extension Project
Consultant Name: Nayar Ali Dada
Main Contract: Mughals Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
Area: 1400,000sqft
This project consist of one Hotel Block of 230 Guestrooms, Reception area, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, SPA area, Kitchens, Laundry, Staff Rooms, Staff Cafeteria, Power House and One Office Block with 7 floors of rentable Office area, Staff Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Sub-station, Plant room. There is one huge Car parking in the two basements between the above said two blocks. Beside these constructed area Landscaping of External area is also included. At Hotel block beside lighting and general power socket out wiring we also executing/installing all latest Intelligent building systems like Guestroom Bedhead Panel facility, BMS, Fire Alarm System, Sound System, CCTV System, Security check System, Data Network System, MATV system. The Power House at the basement of Hotel Block is designed to accommodate six DG sets of 1250KVA capacity as Standby Generators. For Normal Operation 2x2000 KVA Transformers are installed with all required VCB's, and HT cable for 11 KV distributions. Following are few photographs of the project.